We all realize the importance of taking care of our environment, and we at the Woodford Street Garage help to do our part.  We re-use and recycle as much material as possible.  We recycle all the scrap metal that is recyclable.  We will test anti-freeze before changing it at recommended intervals just to be sure it is needed.  This will get you the most use out of your anti-freeze and thus saving you money while saving the planet.  After every oil change we take the used motor oil and store it in a waste oil tank, and during the cold months we use that waste oil in a waste oil furnace to heat our building.  It helps reduce the amount of oil that is used from the earth while eliminating used oil waste.  We will accept non-contaminated waste oil for recycling.

**  We are now offering Valvoline NexGen oil for oil changes. This oil is 50% recycled oil and 50% new oil, please specify when you make an appointment. Just another way to go green. **